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Choke and Carburetor Cleaner
Cleans carburetors and chokes by dissolving carbon deposits, gums, resins and varnishes. Can be used with engines running. Improves mileage and performance. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
Squisher Solv
Year-round, dilutable windshield washer solvent. Prevents in-line freeze-up. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case.
Eliminates corrosion on battery terminals to assure maximum battery performance and prolong battery life. This yellow formulation turns pink in the presence of corrosive acids and will continue to remain pink until the acids have been neutralized. Use on autos, trucks, buses, golf carts, forklifts, boats, earth moving and agricultural vehicles, or any other equipment using batteries. USDA - P1. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
A easy-to-use, sudsy tire mounting lubricant that allows tires to slip on metal rims quickly. Used by service stations, tire centers, trucking companies and auto dealers to save time and labor. USDA - E4.

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