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Bathroom Products

Fresh Stick Blue
This toilet bowl deodorizer reduces scale formation and soil build-up between regular cleanings. It destroys odors and enhances the restroom with a pleasant fragrance. This "non-para" cleaner/deodorizer is packaged in a rim cage that clips onto the toilet rim. Good for up to 850 flushes, this product has a blue dye indicator and comes in two fragrances, mint and green apple. 12 per case.
A 23% phosphoric multi-purpose acid-detergent. Ideal for toilet bowl, urinals, sinks, drinking fountains, fixtures, porcelain, showers, tubs, soap scum removal and grout cleaning. Will not harm stainless steel or chrome. Not recommended for use with trigger sprayer. USDA - A3. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case, 12x1 quart case.
Little John
A strong hydrochloric acid (23%) cleaner for toilet bowls and urinals. This product also contains phosphoric and oxalic acids and is effective in controlling odors while cleaning bowls and urinals. Safe to use, and will not harm plumbing. Non-fuming with a pleasant mint scent. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case, 12x1 quart case.
Navy Bole Blocks
3.5 ounce bowl deodorant block with plastic hanger. Pure paradichlorobenzene individually sealed in cellophane. Hand on toilet bowl lip. Mint fragrance that deodorizes for up to 60 days. 12x3.5 ounce per case.
Navy Brand Acid-Free Restroom Cleaner
This heavy-duty bathroom cleaner is designed to clean inanimate hard surfaces such as walls, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, urinals, fixtures, partitions, doors, cabinets, etc. While leaving a pleasant fragrance to deodorize the entire area. Its acid-free formulation eliminates the worries of damaging metal trim, fixtures, porcelain, carpeting, etc. 12x32 ounce case.
Navy Brand Bowl Cleaner
Will clean all mineral build-up, scale, rust encrustations and soils from toilets and urinals. Its specially formulation eliminates unpleasant fumes and its mint fragrance deodorizes as it cleans. 12x32 ounce case.
Navy Refresh Blue
60-day built-in deodorant screen with a universal shape to fit urinals. Molded of blue vinyl, this product has an anti-splash back design. Each screen is individually wrapped. 12 per case.
Pure "para" (paradichlorobenzene) 4 ounce deodorant, urinal blocks; individually wrapped to preserve fragrance. 12x4 ounce case.
Phase II
A convenient deodorant gel. Just peel off the lid and the fragrance starts to flourish. Effective approximately 60 days under regular use. Dispenser available. Cherry fragrance. 12x4 ounce containers per case.
Sanico #600 Clinger
Mild (9%) hydrochloric acid cleaner for toilet bowls and urinals. Effective in removing scale and mineral build-up. Detergent properties remove most soils. Non-fuming product clings to surfaces for maximum cleaning. Cherry scented. USDA - C2. Bulk, 12x1 quart case.
Vapak Blocks
Wall mounted "para" block restroom deodorant. Comes packaged in cardboard hanger which hangs on the wall or fits in separate wall-hanging plastic container (extra). One block keeps restrooms, showers or locker areas free from odors for weeks. Keep out of drafts or away from radiators to prevent premature vaporization. 12x24 ounce case.

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