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Controls static electricity on carpeting by leaving an invisible, non-oily film that dissipates electrical charge. One gallon will treat 800 square feet of carpeting. Used by hotels, motels, bowling alleys, theaters, banks and offices. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case.
All-purpose spot remover for both water and oil-based stains. Contains chlorinated solvent. Non-dilutable, this product is an excellent pre-spotter for carpet, upholstery and fabric cleaning. Leaves no residue. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case, 12x1 quart case.
A carpet cleaning detergent formulated especially for water extraction equipment. Special detergents break down dirt, grime and grease in all types of carpets. Can also be used for bonnet cleaning. This product has a controlled (low) foaming formula and a pleasant fragrance. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case.
A concentrated rug and carpet shampoo specifically formulated to produce a low-moisture content foam which reduces carpet drying time. It is formulated to perform in dry-foam generating and rotary equipment. High quality detergents, optical brighteners, soil release and suspension additives to produce clean carpets and rugs. Bulk, 6x1 gallon case.
Does three jobs while you do your normal vacuuming: 1. Deodorizes the carpet. 2. Deodorizes the room, and 3. Deodorizes the vacuum. Just sprinkle VAC-AROMA lightly over the area to be vacuumed; wait a few minutes for the magic to begin, then; vacuum up. 12x20 ounce shakers per case.

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