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Commercial Car Washes, Drive Thru's, Detail Shops, Fleet Operations

Navy Brand offers a complete line of products for Car Washes, Detail Shops and Fleet Operations. Products are available in bottles, pails, drums, and in bulk. For complete information on the following products contact us at our toll free number 800-325-3312 and ask for ext. 323.

Car Wash Products

Auto Fresh Scent
Car interior deodorizer. May be diluted up to 1:3 with water. Economical.
All-weather interior/exterior protectant for vinyl, rubber, leather, plastic, wood. Excellent protection from sun and weather. Great tire dressing.
Big Red
Water-resistant lubricant for conveyors, doors, etc.
Blizzard Brush
Winter formula, high-foaming detergent for use in self-serv foaming brush and as tunnel, foamer soap. Suitable for any application requiring "anti-freeze" protection.
Brite Walz
Fast, "one swipe" whitewall cleaner requiring minimal friction for sparkling brite whitewalls. Dilution of 1:1 recommended. Other detailing uses and a great multi-purpose cleaner.
Bug Buster
Bug remover. Versatile. May be used in prep 20:1 or pre-soak (30:1) areas of carwashes as well as manual applications; detail shops (40:1), also as a vinyl cleaner (50:1).
Wall & equipment cleaner for removal of soap scum, mold, mildew, exhaust residue and wax build-up. Non-toxic, dilutable
Liquid laundry detergent especially formulated for removing hardened wax and soap residue from carwash towels. Also removes grease and other discoloration. Contains whiteners and brighteners. 2 oz. to a load.
Dazzle Pro Foam
White, red, blue colored, foaming, polymer. Polish wax imparts shine and protects finish. Great visuals. An excellent pay wax.
Spot remover; works on oil-based or water-based stains. Excellent pre-spotter for upholstery or carpets. Contains chlorinated solvent. Use straight.
Concentrate for pressure washers, self-service washes, as well as tunnels. Effective as a "low-foam" detergent for trucks and at all types of carwashes. Non-acid, non-caustic.
Reclaim-pit deodorizer. Orange scented, effective, fast.
Fast Orange
All-wheel and whitewall cleaner with a refreshing orange scent. Non-acid, non-caustic.
Formula CCW25
The original high-powered wall and equipment cleaner Acid blend. Ships via common carrier (No UPS).
Kar Shine
A car washing and shine-producing product. Like getting wash and wax in 1 application.
Navex 88
Carpet and upholstery shampoo for extraction equipment. Dilutes 1 oz. to 2 oz per gallon. May also be used for pre-spotting. Pleasant fragrance, low foam.
Navy Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener
Acid blend truck brightener, cleaner, de-oxidizer.
Navy Shield
Lemon-scented vinyl protectant. Leaves a sheen. Not gummy, sticky, oily or tacky. May be used on vinyl, rubber, plastic, wood, all interior finishes. Water soluble.
Medium-priced, high-foaming detergent for all carwash applications; manual, self-service, tunnel, rollover, pressure sprayer... Highly dilutable, long-lasting, stable foam.
Poly Prep Foam
Clear, red, green. Step #1 in the Poly Shine Wax System. Helps to prepare the car's finish for the Step #2 sealer, POLY PRO SEAL. Foams and cleans. Pick your foam color. Also available with scent added.
Poly Pro Seal
Sealer with polymer. (Step #2 of the Poly Shine Wax System). A stand-alone seal. Excellent beading days, weeks after application. Great for quick shine on older cars with paint of questionable integrity. Also used on show cars in a 50:1 spray, while on display.
Bucket and brush interior cleaner. Dilutable dry-foam formula.
Safe & Brite
Wheel cleaner. Will not etch, pit or blush finish. Also removes brake dust and an excellent cleaner for whitewalls.
Safe Soak
Neutral pH pre-soak. Use in wands, conveyor tunnel washes, any system. Helps reduce costs from reclaim system to wax arch. Citrus scent. Clean-rinsing. So clean it shines. Waxes work more effectively.
Our best foamer soap. Produces lather-like foam in air-injection systems. Looks great. Works great. Best customer visuals. Thick, rich foam. Great orange scent.
Powdered pre-soak, whitewall and wheel cleaner, engine degreaser, main wash detergent. Our most-adaptable and effective powder for multi-use cleaning applications.
Sparkle Kleer
Very highly dilutable glass and hard-surface cleaner. Controlled evaporation for no-streak cleaning/polishing. Dilutes 40:1 or better.
Spoke Shine
Dilutable acid-based cleaner/brightener/deoxidizer for true chrome wheels.
Economical reclaim system, keep-clean swabs. Remove excess petroleum-based products at intake, by floating these absorbers on the reclaim contents' surface. Effective absorbers of hydraulic fluids, asphalt residue, oil, etc. (No tie rope - see ZORB). Packed 12 to a case.
Squisher Solv
Windshield washer fluid. Anti-freeze formula. Dilutable 8:1 in Summer, 3:1 in Winter.
Super Concentrated Rinse
For drier cars, a better beader! Concentrated rinse wax for seal or as rinse/dry. Available unfragranced or in lemon or cherry scent.
Super Protector
Highly concentrated, under-carriage anti-corrosion spray. For use in tunnels to help resist corrosion. Also used in some self-serve washes. 16:1 dilution.
Super Scent
Fragrance. Water-based, dilutable, for long-lasting scent. Available in drums, pails, gallons.
Absorbent materials for use in reclaim systems to reduce frequency of clean-out by absorption of asphalt residues, oil, hydraulic fluids, etc. Comes 3 to a box with handy tie ropes.

Super-7 Products

The next best thing to cheap freight, with compactness and ease of handling. 7 gallons of ultra-high concentrate, when blended with 48 gallons of water (on-site in your own container) becomes 55 gallons of concentrate for further dilution.
Economical, easy, fast ship - UPS.

Super-7 Dazzle Poly Foam
Ultra-concentrated, color-foaming polish wax for use in any automatic carwash. Red foam.
Super-7 Detail #3
Ultra-concentrated, pre-soak/prep/main-wash detergent for use in any vehicle-wash situation.
Super-7 Power Foam
REGULAR OR PREMIUM. Ultra-concentrated, foaming detergent for all types of vehicle washes. Orange scent, good foam visuals.
Super-7 Rinse Dry
Ultra-concentrated rinse agent for washes without dryers. Helps to prevent spotting while shortening dry-time.
Super-7 Rinse & Shine Lemon
Ultra-concentrated rinse wax for use as sealer or drying/beading rinse in any automatic wash.
Super-7 Safe & Brite
Ultra-concentrated whitewall and wheel cleaner for manual or automatic cleaning. Will not pit, etch or haze. Will not blush clearcoat. May also be used as a pre-soak for total vehicle cleaning.
Super-7 Safe Soak
Ultra-concentrated, neutral pH vehicle cleaning product. Citrus scent. Will foam with air injection.
Ultra-concentrated rinse that beads water and enhances the drying capabilities of carwash blowers. Ideal for use in high speed, high volume conveyors.
Super-7 Truck Wash
Ultra-concentrated, neutral pH truck wash/pre-soak. Contains film-breaking solvents to remove tough road grime.

Bulk Carwash Products

Packaged in 5-gallon pails, or 30, 35, 50-gallon drums.






Polish Wax

Sealer Wax

Rinse Wax


























Pro foam




































Poly Prep








Poly Pro








Safe &



































Super Conc Rinse














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