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Contains aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms in liquid form that devour grease and other waste matter. Use in municipal waste systems, septic tanks, restaurant, school and grocery store grease traps. Reduces hydrogen sulfide odors. Maintains open sewers, drains, pipes and grease traps at 4 ounces for each 20 to 25 cubic feet of capacity. USDA - L2. Bulk, 12x1 quart case.
A floating, digester grease solvent for sewage plants. When grease balls and scum appear, apply 20-55 gallons of D-1300 directly to area affected. Then follow with 500-2000 gallons of water to wet grease cake thoroughly. Set up daily maintenance program of applying D-1300 at rate of 45 drops per minute into effluent. USDA - L1. Bulk.
Caustic-type drain opener that dissolves hair while turning grease into soap to be washed away. Can be used in all types of pipes as well as porcelain and stainless steel sinks. Will not harm septic tanks or garbage disposals. Non-fuming liquid. USDA - L1. Bulk, 12x1 quart case.
Lift Station Cleaner
Liquefies grease cakes, grease balls and scum found in city lift stations, pumping stations, wet wells and sewer lines. Can be sprayed on grease, applied directly into water, or allowed to drip in station at the rate of 45 drops per minute (one gallon per 24 hours). USDA - L1. Bulk.
Little Tiger Drain Opener
Acidic, 2-phase, portion control drain opener. Contains sulfuric acid with odor cap. The smaller pint bottle allows the entire contents to be used at one time giving the same dosage rate, time after time. See label for cautions. USDA - L1. 12x1 pint case.
A powdered sewer and septic tank cleaner containing microorganisms and enzymes. Formulated for use in sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, drains and grease traps. This non-caustic, non-corrosive product will not attack metal or porcelain finishes. Soak N-ZYME in warm water for two hours, then pour into any sluggish sewer or drain. The four enzyme components in this product are non-toxic. USDA - L2. 50-pound keg.
Orange Plunge
A sewer line and waste treatment plant degreaser and deodorant. Contains natural ingredients for safe, effective and environmentally friendly action. Great orange fragrance. This product may be diluted depending on the type of application. Refer to label for specific instructions. Bulk.
Spring Mint
Highly concentrated, mint fragranced deodorant which controls grease problems. Ideal for ruse in sewage treatment plastics, rendering plants, hog farms, utility plants, industrial plants, sewer and drain lines, lagoons and other areas having obnoxious odors. This product may be diluted up to 20 times depending on severity of odor problem. Actual dosage will vary. USDA - C1. Bulk.
Granular, caustic-type sewer solvent for industry, street departments, or facilities with major drain problems. Dissolves grease, carbohydrate waste and even tree roots in sewer lines without injury to plumbing. Aluminum chips improve heat generation for faster action. Also cuts odors in line above blockage. This fast-acting product is also approved for meat and poultry plants. USDA - L1. 50-pound keg.

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