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Glass And Plastic Protective Coating
Anti-fog, anti-static protective cleaner and coating for glass, plastic, plexiglass and acrylic surfaces. Repels, marking, reduces wear and fills in minute scratches. (Coast Guard, MIL Spec.,360 value). USDA - C1. 12x16 aerosols per case.
Multi-use foaming cleaner that doubles as an extremely effective glass cleaner. The foam holds cleaning surfactants in place to give added dwell time on vertical surfaces. Delivers the cleanest look you'll ever see on glass; no streaks, smears or smudges even when the sun beats directly on the glass surface. Safe on painted surfaces. USDA - C1. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.


Glass Brite
A ready-to-use, blue colored liquid glass cleaner for windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. A non-streaking, quick-drying formula with a pleasant odor. This safe, economical glass cleaner will cut grease, fingerprints and smudges. Bulk, 12x1 quart case.
Sparkle Kleer
Highly dilutable, glass and hard surface cleaner. Leaves no streaks. Evaporation-controlled to minimize re-spraying. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case.

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