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Anti-Crawl Residual Insecticide
This residual insecticide uses a rapid acting formulation which combines Propoxur with pyrethrins and synergists. This powerful insecticide lasts for weeks after an area is sprayed. The exclusive dual action nozzle permits the choice of broad spray pattern for baseboard use, plus a narrow stream for crack and crevice treatment. Following directions, this residual insecticide can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Some of the insects controlled include ants, roaches, scorpions, crickets, brown dog ticks, spiders, silverfish, fleas, earwigs, clover mites and many others. It will not stain carpeting or upholstery and will kill up to 4 weeks. Pineapple, insecticide and chlorinated solvent fragrance. EPA - Reg. USDA - F1. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
Ant, Roach & Spider Residual Insecticide With Dursban
(Water-based). A liquid residual insecticide with Dursban as well as Resmethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid. The combination produces quick knockdown with long-lasting control of many insects. This product is very effective for controlling on a long-term basis, cockroaches and silverfish in non-food areas of food handling establishments. It can also be used on exterior building surfaces. Outside it will control ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, earwigs, clover mites, millipedes, sowbugs, etc. Excellent for use around mobile homes, buses and airplane cargo areas. Kills up to 4 weeks. Mild odor. Ready-to-use. EPA - Reg. USDA - F2. Bulk.
Ant-Roach & Spider Residual Insecticide With Propoxur
(Bagon) (Oil-based). This insecticide with Propoxur, a methylcarbamate, with a synergized pyrethrin for good flushing action, offers rapid and long-lasting killing action in a systemic formulation. This product is applied as a wet spray, using a pump-up type sprayer for application in hiding and breeding areas. It may be used indoors or outdoors for a residual spray. Propoxur has been proven effective on most forma of insects which are resistant to contact kill forms of insecticides. This product is extremely toxic to roaches, ants, fleas, crickets, spiders, scorpions and many other insects. Killing action lasts 4-6 weeks when used indoors. Solvent fragrance. Ready-to-use. EPA - Reg. USDA - F2. Bulk.
Aqua Kill
This product is a water-based, clear emulsion, synthetic pyrethroid product which was developed to be used for indoor and outdoor applications as a contact killer or space spray insecticide. This product is a broad spectrum insecticide with fast knockdown and rapid killing action against insects such as houseflies, mosquitoes, gnats and many other types. AQUA KILL is non-flammable, low odor, provides good flushing action, is non-staining and has a slight lemon fragrance. Authorized by USDA for non-food areas of food handling establishments. Ready-to-use. EPA - Reg. USDA - F2. Bulk.
Fog Away
A combination of two (2) synthetic pyrethroids gives this total release or manual release aerosol outstanding effectiveness against a wide range of flying and crawling insects, including the control of roaches. The special lock-down valve allows the contents to be sprayed manually or automatically. One can treat up to 6,000 cubic feet. The formula is virtually odor-free. No residual odor as with many others. Insecticide and solvent scented. EPA - Reg. USDA - F2. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Fog Kill
This product is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid (.2%) designed to be used in a Thermal (Hewat) Fogger to produce a thick fog. Because of its formulation, this product is able to break up into particle sizes in the aerosol range to give it a longer hand time. FOG KILL is used undiluted and is applied at a rate of one and one-third ounces per 1,000 cubic feet. The fog produced by this is a very dry smoke that will float for a long period of time, is non-staining, odorless and leaves no oily residue on carpets, drapery or upholstery fabrics. FOG KILL is intended as an indoor/outdoor insecticide. Hydrocarbon with trace of lemon fragrance. Ready-to-use. EPA - Reg. USDA - F1. Bulk.
Insect Repellent
Repels mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, biting flies and other small flying insects including fleas on exposed skin surfaces. Etheral fragrance. EPA - Reg. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Insect Spray
A dual-synergized insect killer that contains d-trans Allethrin and is effective for flying and some crawling insects. The formulation is water-based, and will kill flies, mosquitoes, gnats and moths. INSECT SPRAY does not have instant knock-down capabilities. It will also kill certain crawling insects such as roaches, waterbugs, ants and crickets. It can be used in food service areas. Floral-scented. EPA - Reg. USDA - F1. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
Multi-Purpose Insecticide
A .3% natural pyrethrin insecticide is coupled with a dual synergist system to give fast knockdown and kill. This insecticide is designed as a space spray or contact killer. It controls many types of flying and crawling insects. Its fine spray brakes up and allows this product to stay airborne for long periods of time. Cherry blossom and chlorinated solvent fragrance. USDA authorized in food handling areas. EPA - Reg. USDA - F1. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
Powder Puff
Residual insecticide. This product is the most innovative aerosol insecticide on the market today. Using pyrethin suspended in a powder, this product has a residual life of up to seven months when left undisturbed. The insecticide is meant to be applied as a spot spray or, as a crack and crevice treatment, by using the extension tube. POWDER PUFF sprays out a clear liquid which within seconds becomes a white powder that clings to vertical surfaces. This insecticide was developed specifically for the control of cockroaches and inhibits resistance from developing with prolonged use. Kills up to 7 months. EPA - Reg. USDA - F2. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Repco Tox
Space Spray Insecticide (Oil-based). This new synthetic pyrethroid concentrate product contains resmethrin (.25%), which has a broad spectrum killing range. This ready-to-use product is to be used as a contact killer or space spray by means of cold mist fogger or garden-type pump-up sprayer. Its formulation uses a solvent-base carrying system which allows fine particle break-up, enabling it to stay airborne longer. This product offers faster and more complete knockdown and quick kill, good flushing action, faint lemon fragrance. USDA authorized to be used in food processing establishments. (Food processing, restaurants, bakeries, etc.) EPA - Reg. USDA - F1. Bulk.
Space Spray
Insecticide (Oil-based). This product is a dual synergized natural pyrethrin (.10%) space spray or contact killer in a ready-to-use form. It is applied by means of a pump-up sprayer or cold mist fogger. Its low odor, has a low toxicity level to mammals and is not oily. This product can be used to control waterbugs, ants, silverfish, crickets, spiders, ticks, centipedes, flies, misquitoes, gnats, wasps, moths, bedbugs, fleas and many other flying and crawling insects. Pleasant citrus scent. Ready-to-use. EPA - Reg. USDA - F2. Bulk.
Wasp & Hornet Killer II
This Navy Brand product is synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for controlling the following flying insects: Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and bees. Jet stream sprays 12 feet. Instant knockdown. Non-conducting up to 47,300 volts of power, phone and cable company lineman. Use wherever these pests are found. EPA - Reg. USDA - F1.

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