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Kitchen and Laundry Products

A low-foaming powdered laundry detergent developed for industrial or institutional washing machines. It contains synthetic detergents, optical brighteners, builders and softening agents for total cleaning. ACP can wash cottons, woolens, linens, rayon, synthetics and delicate fabrics. Because it does not contain bleach, colored fabrics will not be affected. 50-pound container.
Dish Glo
Dish washing detergent that gives sparkling clean dishes at 1 oz. per 4 gallons of water. Plenty of suds to break grease and get dishes, pots and pans clean. Dishes drain dry with out streaks. Used in schools, cafeterias, restaurants and wherever dishes are washed. USDA - A1. Bulk, 6x1 gallon case.
Kold Kleen
A fast and efficient cleaner for walk-in type freezers without shutting them down. Works in below freezing temperatures (to -50F) where conventional products are not applicable. Will remove dirt, grime, fat and grease deposits from concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile and metal floors, doors and walls. USDA - A5. Bulk.
Oven Jel
A strong, ready-to-use clinging oven cleaner. This non-aerosol liquid product is sprayed on, jells on contact and is then wiped off in 5 to 10 minutes. It is non-fuming and works in either cool or warm ovens. USDA - A8. 12x1 quart case.

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