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Action Grease
Multi-purpose lubricant, penetrant and rust-preventative in aerosol form. Sprays into hard-to-reach places then becomes a clinging grease. It is impervious to moisture and is stable at temperatures above 400F. Product fully cures in 15-20 minutes. Does not contain 1,1,1-trichloroethane. USDA - H2. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Anti-Seize Compound
Lubricant and sealant. Use in extreme high temperature and pressure. Exceeds MIL Spec MIL-A-907D. Non-melting. Resists steam and weathering. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case or 12x8 ounce brush top cans.
Belt Dressing
A dressing that reduces belt slippage to preserve and extend the life of industrial, automotive and farm machinery belts. Safe on rubber, leather, or fabric belts. Eliminates squealing and will not collect dirt. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Chain & Cable Lubricant
Rust-protective coating with molybdenum disulfide that totally penetrates the cable and chain. Lubricates and reduces wear and friction and will not break down when exposed to high humidity, shear or excessive loads. USDA - H2. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
Cutting And Tapping Fluid
A transparent coolant and lubricant especially designed for partable and field operations: Machining, punching, sawing, grinding, cutting, tapping and threading. USDA - L1. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Dry Mol
Fast drying lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide. Adheres to most surfaces and dries to a hard, black coating. It resists wear and abrasion, provides high lubricate, gives excellent extreme pressure properties and is stable at both high and low temperatures. Spray come out "dry". Uses include chain lubricating, maintenance on furnaces, kilns, ovens, conveyors, gasket coatings, anti-seize and model release. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Multi-use, wet silicone lubricant. A non-staining, non-gumming and weatherproof formulation that will waterproof surfaces. Also aids in rust prevention. For hospitals, schools, apartments, institutions and industry - long lasting lubricant for window channels and mechanisms, screen doors, and machinery maintenance. For autos - stops squeaks, freeze-proofs rubber weather strips on doors, trunk and hood, and waterproofs ignition system. Protects outside locks and hinges. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
This quick-acting penetrant is sprayed on rusted parts, nuts and bolts. Also lubricates, removes rust and cleans, all in one application. Ideal for use on applications, lock mechanisms, motor shafts, shop tools and many other applications. USDA - H2. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Metal Parts Protector
Non-chlorinated, flexible, semi-hard, dirt-retardant, long-term, corrosion preventative. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, this product will not crack, peel or chip. Translucent coating that allows identification to be read. Easily rinsed off with solvent. Meets MIL Specs. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
No Mess Anti-Seize Compound
A high temperature lubricant that makes the removal of nuts and bolts easy, even after exposure to extremely high temperatures. Packaged in a unique patented piston container with a foam applicator top. Simply depress the applicator and a measured amount of compound is available to wipe on the threads. This special pressurized can eliminates drips, waste or dried-out product. 6x6 ounce cans per case.
Open Gear Lubricant
An open gear lubricant that forms a tough film with a high flash and melting point. It will not chip, crack or flake even at low temperatures. Withstands high friction and tooth pressure without displacement and provides long-lasting lubricants and rust protection. Excellent for use on drag lines, gears, winches, rock crushing machines, oil rigs, street cleaning and snow removal equipment. Ideal wherever an underwater lubricant is required. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
Penaqua #4
A non-flammable lubricant, penetrant and corrosion inhibitor. It is used to displace water and moisture from electrical equipment such as contact points and automotive distributors, machinery parts, guns and equipment. This aerosol is used by factories, truck lines, delivery services, transit systems, schools, machine shops, service stations and general industry. MIL-C-23411 Specifications. USDA - H2. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Food-grade silicone mold agent for packaging, printing and molding equipment. Apply to metal surface by spraying from about 12-15 inches; allow to set for 30-60 seconds, then; wipe gently with a soft cloth. This product is colorless, odorless, heat-resistant and reduces corrosion potential. USDA - H1. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
White Lithium Grease
A multi-purpose, high quality, lithium-based white lubricant. Has good penetrating qualities and provides excellent water and heat resistance up to 350F. This product has many uses including industrial, marine, farm and automotive. Does not contain 1,1,1-trichloroetyhane. USDA - H2. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.


Big Red
Water-resistant, multi-purpose, non-melt (to 550F) grease with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. Excellent adhesive and cohesive properties. Withstands heavy stock load and impact pressures of 50 Timken load capabilities. For automotive applications, conveyor systems, bottling, cement and other industrial plants, farms, dairies and food facilities. USDA - H2. Bulk, 4x7 pound cans, 12x1 pound tubes per case.
Gear Plus
A gear oil additive with friction reducers. This product enhances the performance of automotive and industrial gear oils. This unique lubricant has a clinging feature that will completely envelope the gears and rotating equipment during operation. This product will dilute up to 1:20 with other gear lubes. 12x1 quart case.
Super Blue or Super Red
This RTU 100% silicone rubber product will form any size or shape gasket almost instantly. This product is unaffected by weather, chemicals and aging. It will bond, seal, caulk, fasten, protect and repair many types of materials. This product is packaged in aerosol cans and is designed for high temperature use. It is available in either red or blue color. 6x8 ounce aerosol cans per case.
Tool Ease
Water soluble cutting fluid works great in a variety of applications. It is easily cleaned from product surfaces after helping to extend tool life. This transparent, semi-synthetic, oil/water emulsion resists rancidity and won't rust surfaces or cause worker dermatitis. 60-pound drum.

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