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A blend of inhibited hydrochloric acid and special cleaners which are designed to quickly and efficiently remove and dissolve lime, calcium or scale from cement trucks, cement forms, coils, air conditioning towers, brick, stone, mortar and masonry. Bulk.
A silicone emulsion-based product for aiding in the control and prevention of foam in water-based degreasing machines, aqueous cleaning systems, pressure washing systems or any degreasing application where foaming presents a problem. Available in single gallon quantities or 4x1 gallon case.
A silicone-based emulsion anti-foam used to control excessive foaming in aqueous cleaning systems, pressure washers or other foam-producing environments. This product is multi-functional and will control foaming over a wide range of pH. Available in single gallons or 4x1 gallon case.
Air Con Cleaner
High efficient, acidic fin and oil cleaner-brightener-deodorizer for air conditioners and refrigerators. Restores heat transfer capability to reduce utility costs. Dilute 1:3 with water; spray on with low pressure sprayer; allow 3 to 5 minutes to dwell, then; rinse thoroughly with water. Bulk.
Controls algae in swimming pools, hot tubs, whirlpools, etc. This safe, quick and economical algaecide is non-corrosive and easy to use. Also can be used to sanitize pool-side hard surfaces. This quaternary-type biocide is EPA Registered. Bulk.
Bait Blocks
All-weather rodent poison, with peanut butter flavor, to control infestation. Place blocks into protected areas where rodents are known to feed or live. After consumption, rodents die outside when they leave to search for water; thus, reducing carcass and odor problems. EPA - Reg. 72x2 ounces per case.
A combination of sodium chloride and calcium chloride. Rock salt works OK but if the temperature drops much below 15, that sodium will act more like rock and less like salt. Calcium chloride works at temperatures as low as -25, but can get a little pricey. The calcium chloride in this product also provides a jump start for ice melting. The combination lets you use less. A lot less sodium chloride than if you were using straight sodium chloride. A lot less cost than if you were using straight calcium chloride. BLAZE contains the best of both compounds. Bulk.
Blood And Bodily Fluid Clean-Up Kits
Complete clean-up kit as required by OSHA Rule 29CFR 1910.1030. Separate kit.
Calcium Chloride
Calcium chloride de-icer pellets for superior ice control. Works fast because, unlike salt, it generates heat as it melts ice. Works to -25F. Reduces destructive freeze/thaw cycle on concrete and is safe on vegetation. The low-residue formula results in less tracking. Greater than 93% CaCl2. 50-pound bags.
Siliconized protective coating for ready mix concrete trucks, equipment and forms. Easy and safe silicone release compound dries to wax-like finish. Prevents cement from sticking to protect surfaces. Reduces repainting; allows more professional appearance. Simply spray or brush one coat per week; then, hose off surface once a day. Bulk.
Powerful acid cleaner specifically formulated for the removal of cement and cement dust from trucks and cement forms. This hydrochloric acid formula also contains an effective inhibitor to minimize acid attack on metal parts. Product can be diluted up to 1:10 depending on severity of encrustation. Bulk.
Chalkboard Cleaner
This aerosol product leaves no residue and is safe for all colors and types of chalkboards. Prevents dusting, makes reading and writing clearer, easier on students' eyes. Available in oil or water-based formula. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Coil Cleaner
A powerful, thick, clinging foam which removes dirt, lint, grease, mold and fungus build-up from air conditioners, refrigeration and heater coil fins. Portable aerosol features a strong directional spray which helps force foam into coil air spaces. Water based foam creates no harsh vapors allowing units to be returned to service quickly. Leaves the area with a fresh, clean scent. 12x20 ounce aerosols per case.
Coil Conditioner
An inhibited, 20 Baume muratic acid cleaner for removing calcium/lime scale from hot water or steam pressure washers. Removes scale to restore liquid flow and pressure. Dilute 1 gallon in 15-30 gallons of water; circulate solution through system for 30 minutes; empty solution and refill with clean water, then; recirculate for another 30 minutes. Repeat as necessary. Bulk.
Computer Screen Cleaner
An anti-fog, anti-static, micronic cleaner and protective coating specially formulated to improve visual imaging of computer monitors and television screens. Helps reduce eye fatigue and increase resolution by filling minute scratches and reducing surface distortion. Marks and fingerprints on treated surfaces are easily wiped off. Reduces dust attraction.
Concrete Etch
An acid-based conditioner to prepare older concrete prior to sealing. Removes loose concrete, alkali and excessive cement dust. Dilute up to 10 times with water; spread over concrete surface; allow 30 to 60 seconds dwell, then rinse thoroughly with water. USDA - P1. Bulk.
ESW Swimming Pool Paint
A special polyvinyl paint that resists the corrosive action of swimming pool chemicals. Stays bright after long use. Resists scuffing, abrasion and cracking. One gallon covers approximately 300 sq. ft. Available in aqua, blue, black or white. 4x1 gallon case.
Liquid de-icer and snow remover. Gives instant action. Completely safe on concrete and black top with no residue to track inside. Just spray it on with pressurized sprayer and watch it work. Bulk.
Gum Remover
A 100% ozone safe, instant freezing gum remover which turns soft chewing gum or candle wax into a hard brittle clump which can be chipped safely from carpets, tile, terrazzo, marble and wood floors. This spray does not contain any softening agents, flammable propellants or harsh solvents. Leaves no residue, rind or stain and will not discolor carpet fiber.
An absorbent with chlorine that turns a liquid body fluid into gel for easy clean-up. 6x8 ounce containers per case.
Kys-Oil-Klean Products
These products are molded from virgin and recycled fibers that have been specially treated to absorb oils and repel water. They are non-toxic to marine life, biodegradable and can be burned with a low ash residue. These products are designed for quick deployment during an emergency spill situation as a first line defense against oil and chemical pollution. These products are available in booms, chips, mats and swabs.
BOOMS - 2-20 ft. booms per carton. 6 cartons per skid.
CHIPS - 45 pounds of chips per carton. 8 cartons per skid.
MATS - 45 pounds of 20"x24"x1/4" mats per carton. 12 cartons per skid.
SWABS - 12 swabs (18x8 1/4") per carton. 12 cartons per skid.
Liquid Klor
Liquid calcium chloride. Can be sprayed on concrete surfaces while leaving no white residue. Effective as an additive to rock salt to increase de-icing capability and prevent clumping in road spreaders. Bulk.
Is a liquid organic coating used as a rust inhibitor on steel surfaces. One gallon typically covers 200-400 square feet depending on thickness desired. NB-81 will protect metal exposed to salt water, air, rain, snow and is effective at temperature extreme of -40F to 120F. Suitable for ferrous metals stored outside. Bulk.
Oil Absorbent
Clay-type granular absorbent for oil, grease or water. Won't dust. Can be reused. Sprinkle liberally on floor, let stand, then sweep up with stiff floor brush. 50-pound bags.
Rust Guard
A water-soluble, rust and corrosion inhibitor for iron and steel. This tan, opaque liquid, is applied directly to the metal surfaces using a spray apparatus or dip-tank method. This product provides excellent protection of ferrous metals against high humidity conditions during extended indoor storage. Bulk.
A self-priming rust remover that actually converts rust to an inactive phase. Turns black on rusted areas, after application, to show it's working while remaining clear on unrusted surfaces. Eliminates sand blasting or heavy scraping. Leaves a built-in primer which may be painted over, if desired. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case.
Combines a highly effective biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-caustic, citrus based degreaser formula with an absorbent, abrasive, non-scratching towel. Penetrates and breaks down oil, grease, ink, tar, adhesive and other contaminants allowing the towel to absorb and hold residue without redepositing on hands, clothing or surface.
A phenolic/gluteraldehyde non-alcohol formula combines an effective germ killing disinfectant with a tough abrasive wipe that loosens dried-on surface soils to allow complete penetration and wetting for optimum disinfection.
Scrubs-Graffiti & Spray Paint Remover
A unique formulation that loosens, breaks down and dissolves paint and graffiti, allowing the remover towel to absorb and hold residue without redepositing paint onto hands or surface.
Scrubs-Hand Sanitizer
Removes and absorbs germ laden biofilm and kills 99.9% of disease causing organisms while conditioning and moisturizing skin.
Scrubs-Metal & Fiberglass Polish
Fast, easy and effective way to remove tarnish and oxidation without the mess and waste associated with traditional polishes. This revolutionary product combines a non-scratching abrasive cloth, premoistened and premeasured with a low ammonia polishing formula containing no harsh abrasives and safe on most metals.
Scrubs-Vinyl, Leather & Rubber Cleaner & Protectant
This formulation will penetrate, clean, condition, beautify and protect vinyl, leather and rubber while the towel absorbs dirt and residue without redepositing back onto hands, clothing or surface. Leaves surface treated with a glossy protective finish.
A unique emergency repair solution for leaking roofs. When applied to wet roofs, SEARCH-N-SEAL powder dissolves, flows with water toward leaking areas, and then plugs the leaks. Marks the spot where the leak was so permanent repairs can be made. Easily brushed away when it dries again. 60-pound keg.
Spray De-Icer
Aerosol de-icer that removes frost and ice from windshields and windows. Opens frozen locks. Prevents ice formation. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Snow Plow Wax is a fast-drying, easy-to-use siliconized snow plow treatment to provide a glazed, smooth, hard finish to which snow will not adhere. Prevents packing on blade. Lasts all day. SPW also prevents rusting and lubricates blade. One gallon cover approximately 300 sq. ft. Bulk, 6x1 gallon case.
Street Marking Paint
White or yellow for dividers in parking areas, on streets and along curbs. Blue color available for handicapped line marking. A very fast-drying formulation that exceeds government specifications. One coat covers and holds up well against traffic and weather. One gallon cover about one-half mile of striping. Yellow, white and blue for cities, counties, townships, schools, parking lots and industrial plants. 5 gallon pail or 4x1 gallon case.
Sweeping Compound
Chemically-treated fibrous material that is excellent for sweeping concrete or wood floors. Makes sweeping job easier and faster. This product can be reused several times due to its high capacity for holding dirt and dust. 300-pound keg.
Swimming Pool Cleaner
This acid-type swimming pool cleaner will effectively remove water scale, soap scum, dead algae, slime and other soil from pool surfaces. Bulk, 4x1 gallon case.
Vandal Away
This jelled formulation contains blended solvents to attack and remove most graffiti marks found in public places. Use on road signs and billboards, sidewalks, pavement and bridges, buses, trucks and buildings. Removes crayon, ball point and marking pen inks, aerosol spray paints, magic marker, grease pen and road tar. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.
Zinc Galvanized
Non-chlorinated, high solids, spray galvanized coating that corrosion-proofs metal and prevents rust creepage. Can be painted over after allowed to cure. Excellent for after-welding protection. Meets Air Force MIL Specs. and USDA requirements. 12x16 ounce aerosols per case.

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